Animal Balance is a global non-profit (ID 68-0630714) dedicated to creating positive change on islands around the world.  With the help of our local partners, we create community-based population management programs for dogs and cats.

We believe communities throughout the world wish to embrace cats and dogs and protect them with kindness and compassion. Through our foundational belief, we strive to protect the human-animal bond. 

The Animal Balance Virtual Run for Barbuda Registration is OPEN! 

Sign up to help raise money for our Animal Balance Barbuda Campaign happening this October! Every race registration pays for veterinary care for one dog on the island! 


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Animal Balance Core Values

Compassionate Service: Helping people help animals through kindness, compassion and respect.

Cultural Respect: Actively listening and responding with understanding, open mindedness and mindfulness, sharing global social awareness.

Sharing Information, Resources and Tools: Establishing high quality veterinary medical care in every environment - by providing learning opportunities and resources we encourage veterinarians, veterinary students, and technicians to participate in high-quality, high-volume sterilization campaigns.

Empowerment: Acting with ethical responsibility, inspiring and encouraging positive actions on behalf of animals.   

Animal Balance Ambassador Program

Can't make it on a trip but still want to help?Represent Animal Balance in your hometown by becoming and Animal Balance Ambassador! The Animal Balance Ambassador program provides volunteers with a chance to help raise funds to help the AB team attend continuing education events, present at and attend national and international animal welfare conferences and help to cover the everyday costs of running a non-profit organization.What is the AB...

Emma’s Update from San Cristobal

San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands, is famous for its sea lions, who come in each evening to sleep on the main beach. There are 100's upon 100's of them, all laying around at night, groaning, sneezing and spooning one another. In the daytime, the babies play while the adults look on, while the humans look on at them all, with giant smiles saying "awww." It is a place on the planet...

Our Galapagos Campaign Starts TOMORROW!!

Our team is on the ground on San Cristobal, Galapagos! They will begin to provide FREE spay/neuter surgeries for cats and dogs, and DHLPP vaccinations for dogs TOMORROW! All of this will be happening in the BRAND NEW spay/neuter clinic that was built by Agencia de Regulación y Control de la Bioseguridad para Galápagos (ABG) to permanently serve the cats and dogs on the island. Having permanent veterinary facilities on the...

Update from Emma!

What a tremendous start to 2018 for Animal Balance! We traveled to Mexico City where I spoke about our collective work at the 4th Minding Animals Conference. I explained how we not only perform 1000's of surgeries safely and efficiently, but also ignite ever-lasting social change on the islands where we work. The MA4 is a global conference, standing up for the rights for all sentient beings. This means all...