Animal Balance, a US based 501.c.3 registered non-profit organization dedicated to resolving the conflicts that exist between people, wildlife, and community dogs and cats on island nations around the world.  We believe that the most ethical, logical, and effective solution to these conflicts is to gradually reduce the population of community dogs and cats through mass sterilization and to improve the physical condition of existing populations through medical treatment and vaccination.


Kagman Village

Yesterday we moved location to Kagman Village in the highland area. The people there cannot transport their Dogs to the shelter clinic so we packed up and went to them. It was great to meet the lovely people and dogs of Kagman. We left the adoption sign up at the shelter and took 2 dogs […]

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Fifth Day of #Saipan Campaign!

Another wonderful clinic day, 65 dogs fixed and 7 adopted, which is a total of 15 dogs adopted from the shelter and 200 fixed in 4 days! Congratulations to this team of hard working, compassionate amazing volunteers. Thank you to the community here on Saipan for trusting us with your precious dogs and for all […]

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Third Day of #Saipan Campaign!

Day 3 in #Saipan and not only did 51 animals get sterilized, but we also did a photo shoot with all the beautiful shelter dogs and made an adoption poster board. Together we are starting an adoption program here. The dogs are in open fenced runs so one barks and everyone barks making it hard […]

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First Day of #Saipan Campaign!

The first day at the Op- Sai clinic on Saipan had a great turnout! 33 beautiful dogs were sterilized. The local community brought their dogs, who they had mostly rescued from the streets here and adopted. The dogs were in great shape and very loved by their families. Many people hung out at the clinic […]

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Saipan Campaign Starts Today!

Ground breaking news! The first high volume sterilization campaign ever on the island of Saipan starts today! We were very warmly welcomed by our host Mayor Apatang and his office, our partners HSI and HSUS at the Saipan dog shelter. In the afternoon we built our clinic and did orientation with our wonderful local volunteers. […]

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