Animal Balance, a US based 501.c.3 registered non-profit organization dedicated to resolving the conflicts that exist between people, wildlife, and community dogs and cats on island nations around the world.  We believe that the most ethical, logical, and effective solution to these conflicts is to gradually reduce the population of community dogs and cats through mass sterilization and to improve the physical condition of existing populations through medical treatment and vaccination.


Trapped In Paradise Video!

Click on the The Trapped in Paradise (TIP) picture for a short video about the (TIP) campaign from beautiful Molokai, with Molokai Humane Society. Please like and share it! Thank you to super creative volunteer, Joe Bruno, for making this great short film. Thank you to Alley Cat Allies and Tru-Catch for providing the resources […]

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Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies kindly funded the Trapped in Paradise campaign we recently held on Molokai. As a surprise, the Animal Balance team, led by the soon to be famous ‘coconut artist’ Dr. Brienne, painted a ‘thank you coconut’ and mailed it to Becky Robinson and the ACA team back in WA DC. Please join us […]

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Blog In Galapagos Conservancy

AB, with kind support from the Galapagos Conservancy, has quietly and diligently been sterilizing the dogs and cats on the Galapagos Islands for the last decade in order to protect ALL species. It worked. Please follow the link below to read our blog ‘Balancing Native and Non-Native Species’ that was published today by the Galapagos […]

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60 Beautiful Dogs Sterilized

Well done Z*M*A*S*H AB Kauai Team and Kauai Humane Society staff and volunteers for holding the first ever Z*M*A*S*H on Kauai! It was just a couple of days in length to see if people would be interested and they were; 60 beautiful dogs were sterilized. The team slept on a Scout ship at night in […]

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Sterilizing The Hunting Dogs

Today the Z*M*A*S*H on Kauai is helping to sterilize the hunting dogs. The dogs are bred to hunt pigs and boar, which is a way of life for many. It is absolutely fantastic that the hunting folks have taken their dogs to our clinic today for either a spay, castration or Zeuter. We were hoping […]

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