Volunteer veterinarians, veterinary technicians, assistants and helpers come together to create M*A*S*H* style mobile animal sterilization clinics on islands around the world.

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Animal Balance is a non-profit organization dedicated to benefiting island communities and their inhabitants through large-scale animal sterilization campaigns. We believe that communities need community-based programs in order to be sustainable, so we organize volunteers from around the world to run clinics, train stakeholders, and inspire people one neighborhood at a time.

ContactOur Mission

Animal Balance is dedicated to resolving the conflicts that exist between people, wildlife, and community dogs and cats on island nations around the world.  We believe that the most ethical, logical, and effective solution to these conflicts is to gradually reduce the population of feral, community and owned dogs and cats through mass sterilization and rabies vaccination.


Our Ethics
At Animal Balance, our name is indicative of our beliefs.  We therefore strive to find a humane balance between humans and animals in the communities where we work, always keeping true to our core value that all life is precious.


Where We Work

Animal Balance works on island nations and territories where persistent human-animal conflicts exist or where invasive species have a negative impact upon biodiversity.  


Our Approach

We believe that our best chance for success lies in adopting the leading procedures for sterilization and treatment of animals.  We furthermore utilize only methods that ensure the process of capture, surgery, release, and follow-up are as humane as possible.  While our procedures follow rigid, proven protocol, our strategies are as diverse as the communities where we work.  No long-term, effective animal control program can exist without engaging all of the stakeholders, so we collaborate with community members, governments, NGOs, and corporations to create broad coalitions.  We also engage with the scientific community and contribute troves of useful data on population statistics and animal health to ensure that current projects can improve future projects. 


As a volunteer driven, donor and grant funded organization, we rely upon the generosity of others from around the world and in the countries where we work to make great things happen.  Help us make a difference to thousands of animals every year by making a donation today or finding out how to become a volunteer.