Animal Balance, a US based 501.c.3 registered non-profit organization dedicated to resolving the conflicts that exist between people, wildlife, and community dogs and cats on island nations around the world.  We believe that the most ethical, logical, and effective solution to these conflicts is to gradually reduce the population of community dogs and cats through mass sterilization and to improve the physical condition of existing populations through medical treatment and vaccination.

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Program Evolution in the Galapagos

Our work in the Galapagos began in 2004 and was the first campaign Animal Balance undertook. The program has changed many times in the last decade, but 2014 has seen the biggest change yet. During our June campaign there, Animal Balance signed an agreement with ABG, the national organization responsible for animal management. In summary, […]

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Dr Larry Richman

Dr. Larry Richman, our Chief, our dear good friend, our most most loved and adored fantastic veterinarian, sadly passed away suddenly this week. Dr.Larry M. Richman was an inspiration to everyone he touched all around the world. His intelligence combined with his quick wit made working with him a very special and memorable experience. From the […]

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#evolutionthrucompassion: AB helps the indigenous population too

After the highlands clinic yesterday on Isabela we received a call from the Galapagos National Park via AGB who gave our veterinarians permission to treat an injured sea lion. The team rushed to our clinic in Puerto Villamil where they treated the sea lion who had suffered a shark bite with pain medication and anti-inflammatories. The […]

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