Animal Balance, a US based 501.c.3 registered non-profit organization dedicated to resolving the conflicts that exist between people, wildlife, and community dogs and cats on island nations around the world.  We believe that the most ethical, logical, and effective solution to these conflicts is to gradually reduce the population of community dogs and cats through mass sterilization and to improve the physical condition of existing populations through medical treatment and vaccination.


About a Poi day 2 #zmashmaui

A fantastic story from Maui today….this afternoon an Animal Control Officer went to visit a homeless person who she had been trying to convince to sterilize his dog for a very long time. She is a 2 1/2 year old Poi (Maui mix) who has had 3 litters – the last litter she had totaled […]

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#zmashmaui day 2

Off we go again, day 2 #ZMASH with the Maui Humane Society! We have another big day ahead of sterilizing these incredible dogs.  Look who we have – yes cages and cages of amazing, beautiful Pitbulls.Thank you to all the Maui families of all these dogs for bringing them to us to fix. We will […]

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#ZMASHMaui 100 dogs

Wow! We have booked in 100 dogs today for sterilization here at Maui Humane Society We will be working late for sure, but it is totally worth it, think of all those puppies that will now not be born. Well done everyone – a big shout out to the registration crew – Robin, Renee, Irene, […]

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#ZMASHMaui Day 1

This gypsy AB team has hopped over to Maui now and we are working with our fantastic partners at the Maui Humane Society. This is THE FIRST ‪#‎ZMASH‬ on Maui ever – ground breaking work is happening here. We held orientation last night, built the clinic this morning and by 12 noon had booked in 57 dogs, […]

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