2012 Accomplishments: What We’ve Been Up To This Year

American Samoa: We have made huge headway in American Samoa in terms of sustainability; local organizations are writing for their own grants for MASH and organizing campaigns. 

Dominican Republic:  ‘MASH spay and neuter’ is spreading like wildfire. Dominican veterinarians now visit our   campaigns to learn how to replicate them. Dominican managed MASH campaigns are now happening in Santiago,    Santo Domingo and on Saona Island.

Cape Verde, Africa: We held a feasibility visit in June and developed a strategy to implement a humane dog   management and control program.

Cuba: In October in conjunction with the Canadian non-profit, The Spanky Project, we held the first training for and  orchestration of a feral cat trap, neuter and release program in Havana. 

Bahamas:In January 2013, we are holding Operation Potcake. We are organizing 5 clinics to run consecutively. Over 80 of the very best spay and neuter veterinarians, technicians, assistants and dog capture experts are signed up to go.