Our 6-day MASH campaign in partnership with Kauai Humane Society has wrapped up and it seems that everyone is in agreement that it was a resounding success. 658 spay/neuter surgeries were performed, free of charge to the public, over the course of the campaign, which ran Monday through Saturday at Kauai Humane Society. 16 members of the Animal Balance team, including volunteer technicians and surgeons, flew in from across the United States, Australia, and even China, to help with the project. Countless other local volunteers showed up each day to help manage the more than 100 animals that went through the clinic each day. We were especially delighted to be joined by the veterinary staff of the Kauai Humane Society, whose technicians and surgeons jumped in to help with many of the surgeries. Funding for all of the cat surgeries, which amounted to more than 400, was generously provided by Alley Cat Allies as part of the Trapped in Paradise campaign that they have been running in conjunction with Animal Balance on several of the islands that we visit. Kauai Humane Society obtained funding for all of the dog surgeries and provided meals and housing for the Animal Balance team. The Petco Foundation and Alley Cat Allies also provided funding for three Animal Balance veterinarians to travel to Honolulu and sit for their Hawaiian Veterinary Licenses, which will increase our capacity to bring community-based sterilization programs to all of the islands. We are incredibly impressed with the energy and support that this campaign drew from the public and look forward to keeping the momentum on Kauai going in order to provide humane population management solutions to cats and dogs on the island. Mahalo to everyone who joined us and is now an AB Animal Warrior and forever part of the Animal Balance family. This critical work can only happen when everyone comes together and works toward a common goal. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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