Our Aruba campaign, Operation Cunucu, begins next week! Here are some images of the dogs that are currently living at the dump, which will be one of the target areas for our team of trappers. By humanely trapping these dogs, we will be able to transport them to the clinic for sterilization, vaccination and medical treatment. They will then be returned to the areas where they were trapped. TNR of stray dog communities like this one help put an end to the cycle of suffering that these dogs endure and help them live out their lives healthier and happier, without producing any more litters.
Please visit our website www.animalbalance.net to learn more about the work that Animal Balance is doing to help these dogs, to donate to support campaigns like Operation Cunucu, and to learn how you can become an Animal Balance volunteer.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page to follow the work of our volunteers as they hit the ground in Aruba next week and begin the hard yet rewarding work of trapping and sterilizing these beautiful dogs.
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