One of the greatest things about a campaign is how quickly a group of strangers will come together, United by a common goal, and leave having formed lifelong friendships. Here is one volunteer’s account of his experience.
“My name is Otto and this week I voluntered in Operation Cunucu. I was part of the catch team at the Dump and I am very excited about my experience. I will never forget these days working with Consie, Billie and Doug and the other volunteers. This work and the love for dogs prednisolone 5mg buy online uk made a group of strangers a team within a day. Consie is great in leadership and motivating, although we were motivated from the start. I wll not forget this week and you can be sure I will be part of any follow up. Thank you Animal Balance on behalf of the Dumpdogs!!!” – Otto, volunteer trapper, Operation Cunucu.
If you are interested in volunteering please visit our Warning: Only those interested in an amazing, life-changing adventure should apply!

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