One of the things that we commonly encounter during our MASH (Mobile Animal Sterilization Hospital) campaigns are dogs and cats suffering from conditions that are easily treated. We see a lot of internal and external parasites on the dogs and cats that come through our clinics. The good news is that we are often able to treat these animals with general dewormer and topical flea/tick prevention.
Some of these parasites are zoonotic, which means they can be contracted by humans, so preventing them not only benefits the animals, but also helps protect the humans that they live around.
We are also often able to provide necessary vaccines to our patients, helping prevent the spread of diseases like parvo and distemper, and helping ensure that the animals that receive our care live healthier lives.
Animal Balance is dedicated to creating positive change for cats and dogs on islands throughout the world, and sometimes that begins with providing basic animal health care and spay/neuter resources to the community.
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