60 Beautiful Dogs Sterilized

Well done Z*M*A*S*H AB Kauai Team and Kauai Humane Society staff and volunteers for holding the first ever Z*M*A*S*H on Kauai! It was just a couple of days in length to see if people would be interested and they were; 60 beautiful dogs were sterilized.11225395_1039641439421546_2504090034748657557_n

The team slept on a Scout ship at night in bunks at the dock and worked in a car park buy prednisone mastercard during the day. If you ever join an Animal Balance campaign, you will have an adventure like no other.

Please join me in thanking the hardworking team who flew in: Dr. Amanda, Dr. Byron, Elsa, Alyssa, Julie, Carla and Angela….they may be a small team, but the size of their hearts and level of compassion is awe-inspiring!


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