Run, walk, hop, skip or jump for Animal Balance!! You and your friends and family, human and furry, can run or walk on your own time, on your personal 5K, 10K or half marathon course! Your Race Roster registration fee and any funds you raise through donations from friends and family will benefit the dog population on the island of Barbuda through the Animal Balance Barbuda Campaign.

In September of 2017, the island of Barbuda was devastated by Hurricane Irma. The islanders were forced to evacuate to safety in Antigua after the first round of storms hit. Sadly, most people had no choice but to leave their pets behind. Many were lost to the storm and its aftermath. Now, the dogs who have managed to survive desperately need our help.

In April of 2018, Animal Balance CEO Emma Clifford traveled to Barbuda to perform a feasibility study. What she found amid the utter devastation and loss was a unique opportunity for Animal Balance to help restore the balance of dogs and cats on the island. The cat population was so badly decimated that Animal Balance will not be sterilizing cats on this trip. Instead, we will allow the population to naturally rebound; restoring balance to the island ecosystem which relies on cats for rodent control. The island’s dog population was reduced to around 250 or so, with the first litter of post Irma puppies having recently been born. With four days of clinics planned for early October, the Animal Balance team could potentially sterilize every dog left on the island, thereby putting an end to the cycle of homelessness and suffering in a single campaign.

As islanders begin to come back to Barbuda, we hope to be there to provide basic veterinary care for their pets including spay/neuter, vaccinations, flea/tick medication and leashes and collars. Despite losing everything to the storm, Emma reported that she was met with open arms by those returning to their home on Barbuda. Our goal is to raise $3,000 to provide veterinary care to help restore the balance on Barbuda for humans, dogs and cats. One registration provides spay or neuter surgery, vaccinations and flea/tick treatment for a dog in need!



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