With a great first day under our belts, the team was ready to hit the ground running on day 2. Trapped cats were waiting for the surgery team at the pavilion when they arrived at 7:30 am and surgery got started pretty quickly. It was smooth sailing as everyone fell into their groove and performed their tasks with the efficiency of a well oiled machine!

The trapping team headed up into the hillside village just above the pavilion, aided by the team of rangers from the National Park Service, to talk to residents and trap some cats in areas that they had been told had colonies. They were also joined by a group of young boys who were eager to help and were tasked with carrying traps and being on the lookout for cats.

There were a couple of houses can you buy prednisone without prescription that were heavily populated with cats and kittens. So many kittens! The prevalence of kittens indicates that the cats are healthy and fertile, so it’s great that we are here to help slow that down. As the surgery team finished up with the 40 or so cats that they did, the trapping team headed out to a house with a healthy colony where they were able to trap 24! The resident on the property, Sina Shergill, says she had been caring for the cats for about two years and has just been watching them multiply. She was extremely grateful for our help.

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