The following is what we are going to be up to in 2015, there are spaces available to volunteer for some of the campaigns. If interested then please checkout our volunteering page first before contacting us.

February:  23rd to March 7th – Zeuterin Training in Hawaii 

Part of Operation Ilio KokuaMarch:  30th to April 2nd
Animal Balance will be at HSUS EXPO in New Orleans. We will launch our film; online pharmacy reviews ‘Evolution thru Compassion’

April: 13th to 25th
Saipan Campaign, Op-Sai

May: 18th to 30th

ZMASH # 1 on 2 Hawaiian Islands:  Operation Ilio Kokua

August:  24th to September 5th 
ZMASH # 2 on 2 Hawaiian Islands – Operation Ilio Kokua

September:  20th to 27th Galapagos
San Cristobal Island – MASH and Zeuterin Training

September DTBA
Independent Samoa MASH with the Animal Protection Society

October: 19th to 31st Saipan
Op-Sai #2

November: 17th to December 1st
Cabo Verde – Operation Vira Lata

Dominican Republic – DTBA