Animal Balance off to the Galapagos: Evolution through Compassion 1

Animal Balance is headed to the Galapagos Islands in 10 days time. A decade of work to save lives began here. This is ‘Evolution Through Compassion’. #evolutionthrucompassion We are going to count down and tell you our story…..

After a year of my begging, the Galapagos Park Service said we could hold our sterilization clinic; poisoning the street cats and dogs was not working. Another year passed and we filled a warehouse in San Francisco with medical buy generic prednisone online supplies and equipment and raised funds. Kind people donated items from all over the US and beyond. Then, the amazing Sea Shepherd Conservation Society offered to carry all our gear to the Galapagos on their ship, the Farley Mowat. Our first AB crew met her on the dock in May 2004. The SSCS crew, AB team and everyone in the village helped unload our gear!
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