9 Years ago we were invited to help San Cristobal Island on the Galapagos. Diana Vinueza, the Director of CIMEI who was instrumental in creating the program on Isabela, went with us to San Cristobal to help Maria Elena the Director of CIMEI San Cristobal organize her campaign with AB. Her community had seen the results of our collective work on Isabela and wanted the same to happen there.On San Cristobal the sea lions, 100’s of them sometimes, come in and rest on the beach http://quotecorner.com/online-pharmacy.html with their young. The dogs would also be on the same beach, we formed another AB crew and headed over to help. We held our clinic in the town and another in the rural farm areas. We did humane education, dog training and this is the trip where Dr. Lew met Dr. Diego starting their journey together. Dr. Lew became Dr. Diego’s mentor in 2005.

Evolution through Compassion: #evolutionthrucompassion

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