7 years ago we worked on all the islands of the Galapagos once again AND we took the model to the north coast of the Dominican Republic. 

In 2007 there was an outbreak of distemper on Isabela Island and the cause was that people had started to smuggle in pedigree dogs from the mainland of Ecuador. This islands were now connected via the internet and satellite TV and people wanted specific kinds of dogs. Sadly we started to see Siberian Huskies, Cocker Spaniels and other breeds on our trips. This influx of dogs was also bringing disease, the problem is it is illegal to bring in vaccines to the islands. Non regulated vaccines were also being smuggled in. This issue is still a problem today on the islands.

2007 saw our first campaign on the DR. Dr. Ruben and Dr. Diego from Ecuador flew to the DR to help us. We set up in a kind persons carport and what used to be a pizza restaurant. The first Chori Pan site in Cabrera (best pizza ever – vegan too!) We also went out to Playa Grande and set up a mobile clinic there and sterilized all the beach dogs. We got to know the food vendors who we worked with to provide water and left over tourist food to the dogs on a regular basis. Some of those dogs still live there today!

Evolution through Compassion: #evolutionthrucompassion