6 years ago our teams returned to the Galapagos, we split up, half headed to San Cristobal, half to Isabela and then we joined forces together on Santa Cruz Island. All this was organized with CIMEI who now had a system of creating ID cards for all owned animals based on their microchip number. An escaped or lost dog could be returned to their owner, or adopted out. Even the agencies and NGO’s who were not sure about our program at the start were supporting the clinics now, as they could see how much the community supported them.

Back to the Dominican Republic too for our memorable ‘pink disco’ canadian pharmacy prednisone no prescription clinic. The community knew us now and people showed up in droves with their animals. Those murals in the Galapagos were a big hit so we did a huge one at the local baseball park. A local artist had the children paint their own pictures of why they love dogs and cats and then look those images and pained them on the wall. Then, the children put their hands on paint pots and put their ‘paw print’ on the wall. It got very messy, but was so much fun! Everyone goes to games so everyone would see the message of compassion and love for animals.

Evolution through Compassion: #evolutionthrucompassion