5 days to go until we return to the Galapagos Islands! 5 years ago we held clinics on 4 of the islands at the same time. We did intensive veterinary training with our Ecuadorian partners and brought down more supplies and anesthetic machines. We trained the Police department in basic medical care for their sniffer dogs. Cocker Spaniel puppies were being sold openly for $1000! We saw Bulldogs, Siberian Huskies and Rottweilers on this campaign who were suffering terribly in the heat. As tourism was growing, more money was being generated in the towns and people were able to afford to buy the smuggled dogs, build walls around their homes and even though the dogs were contained for the most part, their characteristics were not suitable for the climate. 

We held the Dominican Republic clinic in 3 locations and also sterilized and vaccinated the beach dogs who were new arrivals since our last visit. 5 veterinary students came up from Santo Domingo to help us and train with us. We erected signs at the beaches letting the tourists know that the dogs were sterilized and vaccinated and that the vendors were providing water and leftover food to the dogs.

We held a feasibility study on American Samoa and Independent Samoa. APS from Independent Samoa had read about our work and invited us to help them. Then the American Samoa Humane Society asked for help too. Dr. Larry Richman, myself and Dr. Byron Maas assessed the situation on both islands to see how we could best help. We also helped with some surgeries and met with the community leaders, government and NGO’s.

Animal Balance’s work was expanding fast!

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