In 2010, we held our last island-wide campaign on the Galapagos. We actually could not find enough animals to sterilize on this campaign to warrant a large AB team. We began training the local vets in zinc neutering, the non-surgical method for sterilizing male dogs. An AB volunteer had set up a charity to provide long term veterinary care (Darwin Animal Doctors) so we decided to wait before returning again – we go back on Saturday, 4 years later!

We also went to American Samoa and Independent Samoa and held large MASH campaign on each island with our local partners. With them, we went village to village setting up mobile clinics. The Chief of the village where to buy prednisone online would ask everyone to round up the dogs for us. It was a very effective system. We provided non surgical and surgical options to the people.In the DR we held a 10 days training workshop in Santo Domingo with the Anti Rabies Department in the new spay technique and zinc neutering. Each workshop was packed with Dominican vets, vet students and health workers all excited to learn how in increase their capacity to sterilize the animals. Every Vet University participated. 2 weeks later we held a MASH clinic in Cabrera. The Anti Rabies Department were now kindly providing the Rabies vaccines for free for our DR campaigns.

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