In 2011 we made a huge push for more sterilization clinics in the Dominican Republic. We held 2 huge campaigns in Cabrera, La Entrada and in Rio San Juan. We did extensive tech and vet training, plus safe animal handling training. Our community event in the DR is now the ‘Doggie Pageant’ which is where everyone parades their dogs on leash in front of the judges and they can do a trick, dance or wear a costume – whatever people choose. We took the 5 winners photos and made huge posters. The local children came up with tag lines, such as ‘My dog is part of my family’ and graphic artist, Carla Naden, created fun, colorful posters which we placed in local restaurants, shops and bars. This is now an annual event in Cabrera and is well supported by everyone. It is a great way for everyone to come together in a fun way to celebrate their dogs.

Evolution through Compassion: #evolutionthrucompassion