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on the planet as Animal Balance. It is our wish that through the work that we do, the experiences we have and the stories we share, we can connect with others, open up minds and, essentially, shake things up in order to move our collective direction forward. Our goal is to increase global love and compassion for all species, everywhere. Thank you for taking the time to read it." ~Emma 

Saving Cats on Maui

Prior to 2015, the outlook for feral cats living on Maui was bleak. Although environmental conditions are ideal for supporting a prolific feline population, cats were considered a nuisance, and the cat population was managed using a singular technique, euthanasia.“I have worked for Maui Humane Society for almost 25 years,“ says Kelly Maguire, a Maui native and the leader in a movement to help bring humane, community based sterilization solutions...