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Our supporters are so much more than volunteers or donors, they are true "Animal Warriors." Our Animal Warriors fight tirelessly to improve the lives, not only of the animals that we work with directly, but all animals everywhere. If you would like to join our team of Animal Warriors and stay up to date on Animal Balance efforts around the world, fill out the webform and join us in the fight to save all species.

Pams Story

Pam has been a dedicated Animal Warrior since her first campaign in the Dominican Republic in 2013. Some of you may know Pam through the story of Estrella, the dog that survived a brutal machete attack, thanks to the vets from AB, and was adopted by Pam. Many of you have probably worked with Pam on a campaign (she can’t count exactly how many she’s been on since 2013.) But to know Pam is to love Pam, which is why she’s our Animal Warrior Spotlight this month! We caught up with Pam by phone, as she was on her way to provide pet therapy to adults and children at the hospital, something that she has been doing twice a week since 1989. One of Pam’s 18 dogs (more on that in a minute) is certified as a therapy dog and Pam loves to share the joy that animals bring her with others who need a little pick me up. One thing you notice about Pam pretty quickly is how much joy and energy she brings to everything she does, and she sure does A LOT! When she’s not on campaign, Pam wears many hats. She has been a veterinary technician since 1982 and currently works at the Animal Care Center in her home state of Florida.

She also deploys for emergency response as part of the ASPCA FIR team, and works part-time for Purina as an animal nutrition consultant. You might think that all of this work would leave little time for any side hobbies, but we have learned to never underestimate Pam Dickens! When she’s not working or volunteering, Pam loves to run. She has run the Disney Marathon every year since it started (which she says makes her a “Streaker!”), and enjoys running marathons, ultra-marathons and trail running. She can often be found running the trails with her husband of 35 years, Billy, and three of her dogs, including Estrella. And speaking of her dogs, Pam has an affinity for senior Chihuahuas, and a husband who is referred to as a Saint and shares Pam’s love for rescue, so naturally she has a house full of perfectly imperfect rescue pups. Of the 18, 9 are Chihuahuas. “I have 9 Chihuahua mixes. Some of my dogs are missing multiple body parts,” she laughs. Pam also has an affinity for travel, and just returned from a vacation to Iceland. “It’s so bizarre, because I used to be terrified of flying!”

Pam didn’t start flying until 1999, but has been making up for lost time since then. She is looking forward to joining AB for campaigns in 2018. “I appreciate the people,” she says of her experience with AB. “My world involves animals, every aspect is animal related. I super appreciate the people that aren’t in the animal world that have the passion for animals and volunteer. It’s easy for me, because I’m in this world. For others, I really appreciate their time. We always learn from people, I think it’s really amazing when you meet people from different backgrounds.” “The locations are awesome,” Pam says of the AB campaigns that she’s been on. “But it’s the people, it’s the team. The whole family atmosphere and everything that AB stands for. I love that they want to educate, not just blow in and say ‘we’re here to be the heroes.’ We’re here to educate the people, educate the kids, involve everybody.” We are so happy to have Pam as one of our Animal Warriors. We look forward to having her, her amazing vet tech skills, and her endless energy and commitment to animals on many, many campaigns in the future.  

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