Are You an Animal Warrior?

Are You an Animal Warrior?

Our supporters are so much more than volunteers or donors, they are true "Animal Warriors."

Our Animal Warriors fight tirelessly to improve the lives, not only of the animals that we work with directly, but all animals everywhere.

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Kim Foster (far right) with Emma Clifford and Scott Pisani at the KHS MASH clinic in September.

Kim says that seeing the MASH clinic take place at KHS was a "dream come true."

On each Animal Balance campaign there is a certain person that connects the team with the local community, a driving force to turn dreams into action, to take ideas and make them a reality. They serve as our connection to the local community long before and, hopefully, after the team has come and gone, laying the foundation for the ground support necessary to stage a massive MASH spay/neuter campaign.

On Kauai, we were blessed to have Kim Foster, who worked persistently to bring Animal Balance to Kauai to address the issue of the ever-growing cat and dog population on the island.

Kim didn’t know much about the issue on the island until she began volunteering at Kauai Humane Society a few years ago, walking dogs on the weekend. As she learned more about the situation, learning how many animals were being euthanized, she became compelled to do something to help solve the problem.

When Kim heard about an AB campaign that was happening on Maui, she began the push to bring the program to Kauai, believing that this was the solution the island needed to humanely address the cat and dog populations.

The previous KHS administration wasn’t open to the idea. She was not deterred, however, and once again approached KHS, now under the direction of Scott Pisani, in March of this year. Pisani was supportive of the idea and the wheels were put in motion.

After two years of persistence, Kim finally saw all of her efforts pay off last month when the AB team, along with an army of local volunteers, successfully spayed and neutered 658 cats and dogs.

“It was a dream come true, really, it’s something I’ve been wanting for years” says Kim. “It was really fun. It was a great group of people. I’ve heard other volunteers say how much fun they had. It was encouraging to see the support.”

Kim says she has noticed some excitement in the days after the campaign, although most volunteers are still recovering from the long days and extremely physical demands of volunteering for such an event. Residents on Kauai, however, are already asking when AB will be back.

“After seeing the success of the campaign and seeing the willingness of the volunteers I feel like this is the solution.”

Kim says that when she started the planning process she was nervous, not knowing what kind of reception this idea would get with island residents. The turnout and support, however, proved that Kauai was open and ready for humane solutions to preventing cat and dog overpopulation and protecting the balance between all species that inhabit the island.

Kim is looking forward to bringing AB back to the island as soon as possible.

“I’m committed to ending this problem on the island for sure. I know it’s a worldwide problem, I feel that doing my bit here helps that.”

In addition to working with KHS, Kim also volunteers with Kauai Animal Welfare Society and does some kitten fostering in her home, which she shares with her husband and her beagle, Yoshi.

We want to thank Kim and everyone else who has served the critical role of being our local liason. Thank you for your hard work, for making us part of the community and for helping us grow our Animal Balance family in an effort to Save All Species.