I specialize in art gone wild, glitter, busted animals called love nuggets. I love traveling. Like my artwork, my history is just as varied, colorful, and completely unexpected. I started off with a Montessori-based education (in Baltimore, MD) and then morphed into a Friends (Quaker) high school. After that, it was a tour of Florida and Montana colleges. I then did some traveling and currently reside in San Diego.

 I am a strong proponent of animal / human rights and that often influences my life's work & artwork. I use my artistic abilities to promote kindness and compassion toward animals (globally). I feel creativity must come out or it destroys you and that humans are not the only important animals. 

 I dabble in the world of art under the alias Mulletpony & Manrabbit. I am the Director of the non profit, Animal Synergy. I believe by working together and through awareness & education we can create great change together. Synergy rescues geriatric, special needs and terminally ill animals who have run out of time at animal control. Their souls are restored for whatever time remains. Our goal is provide respect and dignity to all beings, no matter their age, appearance, or health status, & increase the save rate of all animals at shelters, promoting a life saving nation.

Animal Synergy Website

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