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Dr Larry Richman

Dr. Larry Richman, our Chief, our dear good friend, our most most loved and adored fantastic veterinarian, sadly passed away suddenly this week. Dr.Larry M. Richman was an inspiration to everyone he touched all around the world. His intelligence combined with his quick wit made working with him a very special and memorable experience. From the […]

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#evolutionthrucompassion: 1st Clinic Day in Isabella

Ola, we’re here in Isabella and its magnificent. The scenery is jaw dropping, we were met by iguanas near the dock area – perfecto! On Friday night we set up clinic in an abandoned chapel on the island. We’re running cat surgery in the chapel and dog surgery outside. AGB people including Dr Rita have come […]

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#evolutionthrucompassion: Final Day in Santa Cruz – Big thanks to ABG

Its our final day in Santa Cruz and we would like to say a huge thank you to our hosts ABG who have shown us the most amazing hospitality from providing us with an excellent clinic space and everything from equipment to office space, wifi and even a coffee machine which made our team very […]

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