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Compassionate Service

One of our core values is compassionate service. We are dedicated to helping people help animals through kindness, compassion and respect. We need your help to continue to carry this message around the world. Please donate to our Crowdrise campaign today. Together we can change the world!…/…/animalbalance

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Evolution thru Compassion: the film

The Galapagos Islands is one of THE most sensitive habitats on planet earth. Non-native species, such as cats and dogs, arrived with humans and over time their populations increased; as Darwin said, ‘the fittest survive’. 10 years ago Animal Balance was created with the goal of protecting ALL the species of the Galapagos Islands using […]

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One day to go…

Before we launch our film Evolution thru Compassion on the world. The film will be premiered tomorrow in New Orleans hotspot @carmoneworleans The film documents our most recent visit to the legendary Galápagos Islands to see how our work with local agencies including @ABG_galapagos and the Galapagos National Park has led to the humane reduction […]

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