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Thank You Tru-Catch Traps

Tru Catch Traps has offered to provide cat traps and cat transfer cages for HALF PRICE!! for our campaign in American Samoa (happening later this fall.) Why are we so excited about cat traps??? Well, we can’t run a humane Trap Neuter Release campaign if we don’t have humane traps! Traps are heavy, expensive, and […]

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How iguanas and dogs live together

Iguanas, finches, cats and dogs all live on the Galapagos Islands. How? See how Animal Balance came together with the Galapagos National Park Service and ABG, the protectors of bio-diversity of the Galapagos, to create a humane animal management program, whereby all animals are protected. Animal Balance’s premiere of our film, ‪#‎evolutionthrucompassion‬, will be shown […]

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