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Trapped In Paradise Video!

Click on the The Trapped in Paradise (TIP) picture for a short video about the (TIP) campaign from beautiful Molokai, with Molokai Humane Society. Please like and share it! Thank you to super creative volunteer, Joe Bruno, for making this great short film. Thank you to Alley Cat Allies and Tru-Catch for providing the resources […]

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Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies kindly funded the Trapped in Paradise campaign we recently held on Molokai. As a surprise, the Animal Balance team, led by the soon to be famous ‘coconut artist’ Dr. Brienne, painted a ‘thank you coconut’ and mailed it to Becky Robinson and the ACA team back in WA DC. Please join us […]

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We Will Sleep Next Week

Every night for the past week the TIP Trapping team has been strategically targeting specific areas of Molokai, talking to the community, letting them know that they will be trapping that night and then returning to set the traps after dark. They then systematically bait and trap the cats and start ferrying them up to […]

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Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society is kindly helping Animal Balance to recruit volunteers for Trapped in Paradise (TIP). We are pooling our resources so we can find YOU and ask for you to volunteer with us to save lives. Please follow this link to see what Best Friends Animal Society have been saying about us: […]

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