Changing The Lives For Animals One Child at A Time

995376_1113653455353677_2593546209684064931_n“This was 2 years ago. I used to think that going on these campaigns was all about the animals until I met the people and then I met the children! I quickly learned how little it took to change the mindset of a child towards an animal. The adults alone are so proud to be a part of what we do, but the children, they want to be you, help buy prednisone cream you, mimic you! I believe one of Animal Balance’s greatest accomplishments is changing the life of how a child treats an animal. Changing The Lives For Animals One Child at A Time!” Billie Lambert, Animal Balance Alumni.

The world through the eyes of a child suddenly becomes a more compassionate place when he watches the kindness of Animal Balance. You really can change the world by making a donation today.

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