Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Animal Balance can show you how to create efficient, effective and sustainable MASH (Mobile Animal Sterilization Hospital) and TNR (Trap Neuter and Return) clinics in order to reduce your cat and dog populations humanely. Some examples of where we have achieved this are:

  • Dominican Republic with Pets Breeding Control, the first MASH group in the Dominican Republic

  • American Samoa with Alofa Mo Meaola (Love for All Animals) for MASH

  • Bahamas with Operation Potcake for MASH and dog TNR

  • Maui with Maui Humane Society for MASH and cat TNR

  • Molokai with Molokai Humane Society for MASH and cat TNR

  • Big Island of Hawaii with Hawaii Island Humane Society for MASH

  • Aruba with United Dogs of Aruba for MASH and dog TNR

If you are interested in learning how to conduct MASH or TNR clinics, please email 

We will set up an initial phone call with our Directors to gain perspective on the needs of your organization. The cost for this phone call is $50.

  • Options for consultancy may include remote support (via phone or Skype), in-person support from Directors, or an Animal Balance MASH team deployed to your area to conduct a clinic.

*Pricing is dependent on the needs of the organization and will be determined once a plan has been discussed.