Core Programs

Core programs

Islands where we develop and implement long-term plans with our partners to create sustainable humane animal management programs.

The Galapagos Islands

This program was started in 2004 and by 2008, we had sterilized over 80% of the cats and dogs in the municipal areas. In 2014, we signed a 10-year agreement with the authorities to help maintain the balance between all species.

The Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands – this program started in 2015 to initially demonstrate high-volume, high-quality, targeted ‘ZMASH’ for dogs and cats, which is a clinic for traditional and non-surgical methods for sterilization. We partnered with the islands’ humane societies and set up clinics where the communities could easily reach them, sometimes literally in their car parks. Once this training had been effort accomplished, we then set up our Trapped in Paradise Program, a community based, targeted sterilization program (trap, neuter and return) for community cats. With support from Alley Cat Allies, we move from island to island in this archipelago to systematically and effectively sterilize community cats.


This program was started in 2009 and continues, as the political tides allow. In 2016 we signed a 5-year agreement with the authorities to hold a TNR program in Havana. Click here to visit the Cuba page

Trapped in Paradise (TIP)

This is Animal Balance’s community-based cat sterilization program and is currently operating on the Hawaiian Islands, Cuba and the Galapagos Islands. We have also held a TIP program on American Samoa. This program is kindly funded by Alley Cat Allies.

Click here to visit the trapped in paradise page

Kick-Start MASH and TNR Programs

In addition, Animal Balance helps other islands, by either sterilizing high numbers of cats and dogs safely and efficiently, within the local organization’s humane management strategy. Or by helping them to start their program by providing demonstration and training clinics.

On-going MASH and TNR Programs

Where local MASH & TNR NGO’s have been created and trained and now they are working hard to raise the funds needed, to hold their own clinics. If you would like to help, please email the representative of the island that you are interested in.

For details about our work in:

the Bahamas visit Operation Potcake

Cabo Verde visit Operation Vira Lata

Saipan visit Op-Sai


For details about our work in:

Aruba visit Operation Cunucu

Dominican Republic in conjunction with Pets Breeding Control

American Samoa in conjunctions with Love for All Animals