Day 2 #zmashmaui – 104 dogs sterilized in one day

104 dogs today at our #ZMASH plus 4 in-house animals – that makes 108 sterilizations today at Maui Humane Society – this breaks yesterday’s record.

Amazing work from AB and the Maui HS crew. They have this ZMASH down to a fine art now. It’s a slick operation all round, everyone is focused and in their ZMASH ZONE for sure. The animals are receiving exemplary care.
Big shout out to the recovery buy prednisone for cats crew; 1 st stage – Penny, Alice, Judy, Kevin, Rose, Janie, Andi and 2nd Stage – Rhonda, Donna, Vickie and Theresa – these amazing volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that all of our animals wake up safely. They trim their nails, clean their ears, give internal and external parasite treatments and SO much love….it’s more of a doggy spa!


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