"Efforts to control homeless animals by lethal means are typically frustrated by the remarkable ability of the survivors to repopulate, leading to a continuous cycle of killing and community opposition. Sterilization of free-roaming animals loosely owned by the community is the only viable long-term solution. Recognizing the bond that the community shares with these cats and dogs, Animal Balance has designed a project that will engage the community in a humane and effective animal control program that meets the needs of all stakeholders in this remarkable and fragile environment."

Dr. Julie Levy is a professor of shelter medicine at the University of Florida. She obtained her DVM for the University of California at Davis and her PhD at North Carolina State University. She served on the organizing committee for the new American Board of Veterinary Practitioners specialty in shelter medicine and became boarded in 2017. Dr. Levy’s research and clinical interests center on the health and welfare of animals in shelters, feline infectious diseases, and humane alternatives for cat population control. Dr. Levy co-founded Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the College of Veterinary Medicine, an educational and discovery initiative with a global impact on the care of homeless animals. She is the founder of Operation Catnip, a nonprofit university-based community cat spay/neuter program that has sterilized more than 50,000 cats in Gainesville, Florida since 1998.

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