The first ‘Operation Cunucu’ on Aruba brought together over 60 volunteers from Aruba and around the world. 337 of the most at risk and difficult to trap dogs were sterilized and the volunteers were trained in the art of MASH (Mobile Animal Sterilization Hospital) and Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR).

You simply cannot have that many compassionate, dedicated and hard working people together, in one place, without creating positive change. The energy created during this past week is the size of a Tsunami wave. There is a compassionate army going into action. I think everyone would agree that last week was boot camp.

This amazing army of volunteers worked such long hours, sweated buckets, laughed, cried and dug down deep to find the energy that they didn’t even know they had to help the most at risk dogs on Aruba; the street and dump dogs. They did it, they found a way.

The rescue groups, the folks that flew in as they had a previous connection with the dogs, the Animal Balance team and the community here in Aruba have made a clear statement together; TNR for street dogs is possible and it is the solution to reduce the population and stop the pain and suffering of the dogs, forever.

There is no doubt about it, this project was a tremendous success. We put the dogs center stage in everyone’s minds. The Minister Of Heath and Minister of Tourism buy prednisone for my dog toured our clinic and the Senator was with us every day, literally carrying dog crates and pitching in. The decision makers of Aruba saw and heard how much this service is needed and how these amazing compassionate people are ready to make it happen.

Now is the time for change.
Now is the time to be focused
Now everyone is on board.
Now everyone is trained.
Now is the time to work together to help the dogs and the communities who are so desperate for these services……It happens NOW for the dogs of Aruba.

Animal Balance is very proud to have led such an awesome event. Please share your stories and knowledge and help others to become involved. The dogs need you to be the best advocates you possibly can. Help by participating, writing letters of support to Government, posting positive Operation Cunucu stories, or by donating to Operation Cunucu. You can do something to help, everyone can.

The beautiful dogs of Aruba deserve nothing less. Fix them, vaccinate them and return them to where they live. Then the problem can be solved forever.

As Animal Balance heads home we would all like to say thank you for your gracious hospitality and kindness. Everyone from Operation Cunucu is family now and as such we keep in touch with one another; that is our strength. Thank you and thank you to the dogs for bringing us all together.


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