Thank you to every single person who worked so extraordinarily hard on the Saipan campaign to help the Boonie dogs.
From the local volunteers to those who flew in to those who work at the shelter and all the people who did so many things for us behind the scenes to make this campaign such a success. Together we sterilized 377 dogs and adopted out 18 shelter dogs. This was an amazing result that came from the enormous positive effort that everyone put in each and every day.994113_960073014045056_5139313319564197800_n

We made a great start with the adoption, foster care and volunteer programs. The hotel coalition have kindly offered to help provide food to the shelter dogs and accommodation for the teams. House Representative for Saipan, Ed Propst, visited our clinic in Kagman (and had his dogs fixed) and the shelter in Lower Base and has pledged to help move these programs forward. Mayor Apatang kindly visited us each day and put on a lovely party for us on the last night.
We are all very grateful to the people of Saipan for being such beautiful hosts. It was a tremendous honor to get to know you and make friends with you. And of course thank you to the amazing, beautiful and sweet dogs of Saipan who gave back so much love and kept us going. Any time one of us was having a hard time, you just gave us a nudge, a lick or a hug and we got back to it.
Cheers to all on Saipan, we are all humbled by your kindness. Keep in touch with us and we will do all we can to raise the funds to come back.

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