During the fall of 2013 Animal Balance was doing a MASH clinic in Cabrera, Dominican Republic. It was there that we first met Estrella.
Estrella came into our clinic in very serious condition. Her throat had been cut from one side to the other, completely severing several vital structures, including one of her jugulars and her trachea. Her esophagus was also injured. She was breathing through the large wound in her neck and was unable to bark, eat, or drink. The wound was several days old and a significant amount of decaying tissue was present. She was also very aggressive towards strangers. Dr. Doug Kohout and Dr. Linx Alexanderson worked together, with one repairing her injury while the other spayed her. We’re not sure, but we think this might be the first dual surgery of it’s kind : )
Estrella was taken back to the hotel where the team was staying and the doctors closely monitored her progress overnight and then during the days that followed.
As the team cared for Estrella she began to blossom where to buy prednisone steroid into a confident and determined young dog. Her true spirit began to show and she quickly bonded with everyone.
When Estrella’s owner consented to letting the team keep the dog, there were many people interested in taking her home with them.
Pam, a volunteer technician on the campaign, was one of several people who fell in love with Estrella. “Of course I wanted to adopt her, but having many dogs already, it was clearly selfish. I told my husband about her and he said ‘Bring her home!'”
Pam ended up taking Estrella home with her to Florida where she fit right in with the family. Estrella began to enjoy walks and even wanted to run.
“She is such a joy!” says Pam. “She loves my other dogs, my cats and most of all my husband. She is an amazing runner who has made me a better runner. We find joy on the trails that I had never felt without her by my side, a true gift!”

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