Ola, we’re here in Isabella and its magnificent. The scenery is jaw dropping, we were met by iguanas near the dock area – perfecto!

On Friday night we set up clinic in an abandoned chapel on the island. We’re running cat surgery in the chapel and dog surgery outside.

AGB people including Dr Rita have come with us from Santa Cruz and we are receiving support from local animal organisation IOI.

On the first day of clinic we had local people bringing their dogs and cats to the clinic on trucks, car and bicycles.

So far on this campaign we have sterilised:

Santa Cruz: 124 animals 

Isabela: 26 animals of which 23 were sterilized, 2 dogs were wormed as they had already been sterilized and 1 dog presented for Zeuterin sterilization but was found to be cryptorchid so the procedure couldn’t be carried out.