Its our final day in Santa Cruz and we would like to say a huge thank you to our hosts ABG who have shown us the most amazing hospitality from providing us with an excellent clinic space and everything from equipment to office space, wifi and even a coffee machine which made our team very very happy!

The staff here at AGB start well before we do, around 6am and finish after we leave around 8pm every day, their dedication to their job is second to none as is their patience. They are always smiling and will drop whatever they are doing to help.

Thank you AGB your work here on the Galapagos is not only outstanding its one of the most important jobs in the world.

We have buy prednisone overnight delivery sterilised ? animals here in Santa Cruz; given training to local vets on sterilization techniques including non-surgical Zeutering.

We have met with old friends and supporters and made some new ones as well.


We’d like to thank the following people for their  support this week:

AGB Santa Cruz

Dr Marilyn Cruz, Dr Rita Cviollo, Viviana DuQue, Jennifer Bavve, William Jaime, Pedro Azuevo, Mario Gaona, Carolina Granja Zurita

AGB Isabela

Dr Fabricio Vasquez, Christian Bravo, Sebastian Arellano, Daniel Muntalvo,

AGB San Cristobal

Dr Israel Arismendi

Galapagos National Park Service

Victor Carrion


Diana Vinueza


From our team at Animal Balance:

Emma Clifford, Dr Byron Maas, Dr Raymund Deonavan, Dr Susan Little, Dr Doug Kohort, Dr Sergio Rodriquez, Billie Lambert, Hege Johansen, David Hiliard, Leslie Pont, Leslie Lyons, Kelly Hickey and Nigel Smith