We’ve had an amazing trip to the Galapagos. In total we sterilized 240 animals and gave essential medical treatment to a number of other animals who had already been sterilized. On the final clinic day we ran a community event where local children brought their dogs and our very own Dr Sergio taught them basic dog handling, we gave out AB bandanas and leashes and everyone had a great time.

We’d like to send a massive thank you to all those who have supported us including AGB, IOI,  Galapagos Conservancy, The Galapagos National http://www.besttramadolonlinestore.com Park, our wonderful team and the local people on Santa Cruz and here on Isabela Island who have been phenomonal.  On our last clinic night AGB and IOI held a dinner in our honor which was very humbling considering the work they do.

We’ve had a wonderful time and really enjoyed working and visiting these islands meeting some truly inspirational people. We’ve also seen some amazing things, unbelievable wildlife, fantastic plants, volcanoes etc etc. These islands are a gem and we need to continue to preserve them for lifetimes to come.

Mucho Gracias Galapagos