donate-pawWe’ve had a fantastic welcome from ABG and the people of the Galapagos and the clinic is working brilliantly, dogs and cats are getting sterilised and some of the best care and medicine in the world from some of the best veterinarians, technicians and carers. Our teams are all volunteers, they all get to these campaigns using their own money and giving up their free time. It is an unfortunate fact that to give these animals the best care we can costs a lot. If you are able to donate cheap prednisone for dogs anything whether its a dollar, some expertise or some supplies we would very much like to hear from you. There are a number of ways to support us, the details of which you can find by clicking on the donate paw.

In the meantime here’s some pictures of some of Santa Cruz’s indigenous species to enjoy! and yes that is a sea lion driving a speedboat!