Feasibility Study on Aruba

AB was invited to conduct a feasibility study on Aruba by the Animal Relief Foundation of Aruba (ARF) We met with the local animal welfare groups, veterinarians and of course we hung out with the Aruba street dogs and the dogs who live at the dump.10408749_987430321309325_2830222992580617085_n

Aruban street dogs are called “Cunucu”. We are all very hopeful that there will be an ‘Operation Cunucu’ in 2016!

Thank you to Shelley Chadwick, Gina Potter, Kathy LaFace, Marie Geerman and Lesley Clark for inviting and hosting us. Thank you to Dr. Andreina Contreras and Dr. Natalie Booi for spending so much time with us and thank you to Sandy Willemsen of the Aruba Animal Shelter for so kindly chatting with us about the situation for the cats and dogs on Aruba. You are all doing such fantastic work for the animals, thank you.

Thank you too to the Coral Reef hostel for allowing us to stay at your amazing place. You are such great hosts, thank you. We loved the fact that all the local dogs and cats are just hanging out at your place and finding homes one by one!

We very much hope that we can work together to create a humane and sustainable program to help the dogs and cats of Aruba as they very much need help.

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  1. Thank you for all you do for all of the animals around the world. we do what we can while in Aruba visiting. I know this would be very well appreciated to help with the population of the Cunucu dogs and cats.

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