As a flight attendant for American Airlines, Pam Meadows often has a day or two lay over on her regular route between Kauai and Los Angeles. Rather than lounge on the beach or sit by the pool, however, Pam spent her most recent layover helping out with our MASH clinic at Kauai Humane Society. Pam has been flying with American Airlines for 26 years and first became involved in donating her layover time to saving animals when she and some fellow flight attendants began trapping and transporting cats that were living at the hotel that they stayed at in North Beach, Miami. They would trap the cats at the Sherry Frontenec Hotel and get them sterilized through a mobile program called Miami Meow Mobile. Although the original group is no longer on that route, Pam says the work is still continuing today. Many flight attendants are willing to donate their layover time, according to Pam, who has volunteered for Sea Shepherd and works to pull animals for rescue groups from kill shelters when she is at home in Orange County, California. Her flight schedule now takes Pam to Kauai a couple of times a week, and she will often coordinate to spend her days off on the island so she can extend her stay. She was familiar with the Kauai Humane Society and stopped in to inquire about the need for volunteers. That was when she found out about the MASH clinic that Animal Balance was holding there. We are so grateful to people like Pam who are willing to put in 12+ hour days to help us sterilize as many animals as possible during our week-long campaigns. Without the help of these amazingly dedicated and compassionate volunteers, none of this work would be possible.  

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  1. Thank you to Pam that works for American Airlines for volunteering her time to help the animals. I live in Kona and volunteer as a trapper with AdvoCats Hawaii with their TNRM program.

    Mahalo Nui Loa,

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