Day 4 on #Saipan and together we sterilized 51 amazing dogs and adopted out 2 more dogs from the shelter. Many people came by to look at the dogs and will be back on Saturday with their families to make their final selection. This had never been done before so it is very exciting indeed.

The dogs n11269816_955291731189851_5774657045642512455_now come to the front of their cages and wag their tails waiting for a piece of hotdog smile emoticon of course they smile and look adorable.

The local volunteers have now taken charge of registration and are keeping the paperwork straight and in order. Anytime there is another clinic they have their roles. They called all the owners today to make sure everyone was doing okay and check in. Everyone really appreciated those follow up calls and thanked all the partners for working so hard to help the animals.

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