This project is a massive effort to help protect the most precious archipelago on the planet, without harming any being,

Please join me in thanking the Galapagos Conservancy and The Maltz Family Foundation for so kindly and generously providing funding for the Galapagos Islands MASH program. Together we donated 40 large collapsible dog crates and $15,000 of essential medicines and supplies so that our partners, ABG, can continue to sterilize the cats and dogs who live on the islands.11052868_1023546447697712_116289877110999111_n

11 years ago we were can i buy prednisone online in uk told that it would be impossible to do and killing the cats and dogs was the only viable option. We didn’t buy into that. We got permission, we showed up and the communities on the islands brought us their animals for sterilization. It worked.

If you would like to support our on going efforts, please click here, every dollar helps, thank you!

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