Happy Birthday to Us! Animal Balance 10 years old Today

Happy Anniversary Animal Balance family and friends! We are 10 years old today! 10 years of saving lives and reducing cruelty and suffering around the planet. 10 years of organizing M*A*S*H campaigns and helping others to start them. We are gearing up for the next 10 years! We need your help, how about starting a monthly donation to AB for $10? A few clicks and its done.http://animalbalance.net/donate/

We started in the Galapagos Islands, then to the Dominican Republic, then Samoa, Bahamas, Cuba, Cabo Verde, Oahu and we have many places up our sleeve who we are currently plotting with….

You have all been with us on our journey and if you have http://www.mindanews.com/buy-viagra/ been on campaign with us, you have some amazing stories (all true!) and many new family members and I bet you never travel anywhere without zip-ties or duct tape!

Thank you all for helping AB over the past 10 years in whatever way you have contributed. Everything you have done has helped us reach this point. People all over the world are now stopping their governments from killing cats and dogs and instead employing humane methods of control via high volume, high standard sterilization, humane education and veterinary training programs.

Perhaps we have become a kinder more compassionate species due to your influence. Thank you all and Happy Anniversary!!