386_1121180177934338_3554677228489842380_nWhile walking through Havana, we heard an urgent ‘mew’ coming from somewhere close by. We checked all around the street and then luckily she mewed again and it came from above our heads. Meredith and Dairne immediately climbed a wobbly, dangerous fence and got onto a very dodgy metal roof, without a moments thought.

A crowd gathered, initially wondering why on earth tourists would be climbing on a roof. The local residents told us that the kitten had been up there for a few days crying, but they could not get her. They had not seen a Mom cat, or any other kittens. They were worried about her too.

We stayed with her and chatted to the community folks while Dairne returned for a trap and a carrier and some smelly, delicious food. They then climbed back up to the roof and gently encouraged her to come close with the food, scruffed her and popped her into the carrier. Everyone was so relived.

Moon – aka Luna, was then fostered by Dr. Nana and Dr. Leyssan, two amazing Cuban Veterinarians who take care of every being who crosses their path. She was too small to spay her that week, so they were going to do the surgery when she was ready and then find her a home.

Dairne went back to the roof area and told everyone what would happen to Moon – aka Luna and they were delighted and very happy with the cat program. They will tell everyone else and word will spread throughout the area.

2 thoughts on “Havana Mews!

  1. beautiful story!
    i am a veterinarian in the USA (Georgia) seeking service opportunities to help. I practice felinf medicine exclusively and want to be part of an organization the is committed to feline neutralization.
    Please let me know if i can be of service,
    Michael Friedlander, DVM
    Cat Care of Vinings

    1. Apologies for the late response Michael – i’ve forwarded this to our operations team

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