Hawaii Cat Advocates Speak at DLNR Meeting

The DLNR Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation is on the verge of implementing amendments to the Hawaii Administrative Rules that would lead to cats being killed and prevent caregivers from feeding community cats. A meeting was held in Hilo on July 27th to allow members of the public to make their voices heard on the proposed amendments.

Having spent the past buy prednisone online overnight week in Hilo spaying/neutering almost 700 cats, the AB team saw a beautiful community turn out to assist with the project and show their love for the cats of the island. We are so proud to see many familiar faces at this meeting, speaking out in an effort to prevent these new rules from being put in place.

VIDEO: Cat Concerns Top Hilo Boating Rules Hearing

One thought on “Hawaii Cat Advocates Speak at DLNR Meeting

  1. This is amazing work. Thankyou for loving and supporting the feral cat community.
    I live on the West side of the Big Island and look forward to Animal Balance coming to Kona.

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