We are very familiar with the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” In our case though, the village encompasses the whole world and each M.A.S.H. campaign is our new baby.
When we were told that it was probably impossible to obtain free shipping for our equipment to American Samoa, way out in the South Pacific, our village said a collective “We’ll see about that” and went about the process of making it happen!
Our friends in American Samoa, Mona and Nick King, sent the word out that we needed transport for 50 cat traps, 50 cat transfer cages, 10 dog traps and 50 dog cages to the island. Luana Scanlan heard the call and secured transport for the cat traps through Jewel buy prednisone online india Tire (www.jeweltire.com), and they have been shoving the cat traps between tires and shipping them down to the island for the past few months now. Then, Amy Letuli caught wind of our need and secured free shipping services for the rest of the equipment through Honolulu Freight Service and Interocean Steamship Co.
Word of mouth, one kind deed begetting another, the truest form of collaboration and commitment to helping out, these are the things that make big change possible. We want to send a THANK YOU the size of this container ship to everyone who is coming together to make the impossible possible. We truly could not make these campaigns happen if it wasn’t for the hard work of our friends in Samoa!
container ship

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  1. Thank you Emma!!! We are so grateful for you!

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