The first Trapped in Paradise was AMAZING! Now we are going back, would you like to join us?902b20f0-f706-42d1-9b33-c9be9a051b9b

We are looking for 6 cat trappers and 10 volunteers for the medical team. The dates are September 24th – for the trappers and 26th – for the clinic team, leave date is as of October purchase prednisone for dogs 3rd. This is a targeted, 5 day high-volume, high standard cat M*A*S*H. #TIP is THE best experience ever, paradise AND cats!

Your accommodation is covered and you will have help with your flight too!

Email us right now, to secure your place in paradise.

2 thoughts on “Join Trapped In Paradise

  1. Hello,

    I recently became unemployed from state job and am looking for something to do that I can make a difference for animals. It is my passion. I have a lot of experience with dogs, cats, and horses.

    Do you know of something I can do to help them and still make a living? I am female, 56 years old, healthy, and not afraid of work.

    1. Hi thanks for the interest – if you go onto our volunteer page and fill in the contact form one of campaign staff will get back to you

      All the best

      Director of Communications
      Animal Balance

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