The Saipan Dog Shelter killed 100% of the dogs housed there until April 2015. At that time Animal Balance and HSI teamed up with the Saipan’s Mayors Office for a MASH clinic. This changed EVERYTHING! Jason Hurdy who is a magician and has no experience in animal welfare was inspired and started a volunteer program to help the people help the animals; Jason is revolutionizing animal welfare on Saipan.

Take a few minutes to watch his video about what they have been doing since April. Please SHARE and LIKE this post and please consider donating to AB so we can go back and hold a second MASH clinic.

Jason created; an adoption program, outreach program, dog walking program, dog enrichment program and more! He recruited community members and when the storm hit, he made it his mission to find new homes and foster buy prednisone steroids homes for the shelter dogs as the roof had been ripped off in the winds and the dogs were terrified, Jason and team were not deterred, they set up a Fund Me account, they found volunteers to help make the shelter safe, they did not give up on the dogs.

Animal Balance must return and hold a second MASH campaign on Saipan asap. We do not have the funds needed. We are asking for your support to help. Please watch Jason’s video and like Saipan Cares for Animals FB page. You can donate to Animal Balance here,
and let us know its for Saipan. Please help us go back to Saipan, the dogs need to be sterilized and treated as quickly as possible

link to video –

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