It takes a team of people to transport 450 traps and transfer cages from South Dakota to Kauai, Hawaii. We are so grateful and lucky that we happen to have a team willing to help us do just that.

We want to thank Tru-Catch Traps ( for offering us a deep discount on the traps (almost $7000!!) and Alley Cat Allies ( ) for ultimately picking up the tab on the traps.

Once the traps are purchased, we start the process of figuring out how to get them all the way to Kauai…the farthest island in the Hawaiian archipelago. After following up on many leads and comparing buy prednisone for dogs online uk shipping quotes, we were getting ready to spend several thousand dollars to ship the traps. After all, with just a few weeks until our campaign we were under a tight deadline to get the traps moving or they wouldn’t arrive in time. It was then that we got the news that the kind people at Koloa Rum ( were going to let us put the traps in with a shipment of rum and send them to Kauai for free.

Amazing donations like these allow us to spread our resources even further and help so many more animals on the Hawaiian Islands and beyond.


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