Maia Kincaid, Ph.D.

"Not only is TNR (Trap, Neuter & Return) the kindest, most effective management for feral animals it is a balanced holistic method, that even young people can be positively involved in." Maia Kincaid, Ph.D. 

Maia is a world-renowned pioneer and leader in the field of Telepathic Animal and Nature Communication. She is celebrating 21 years helping students and clients from 

around the world communicate with their pets. From the time Maia was a little girl her main focus was on animals and how to improve their lives. She had a great desire to have two-way dialogs with them. She experimented with communication and had success in hearing them over the years.

One afternoon she had an idea which she immediately tested and discovered she was able to carry on a two-way conversation with her dog, Winston. Her life changed tremendously in that moment. Winston was so joyous and appreciative at being heard. From that point on, Maia was inspired with the possibility for all animals to have their voice. Within weeks of her first conversations, word spread about what she was doing and calls began to come in from people around the world, asking her to talk with their animals. Some of Maia’s early clients began to ask her to teach them how to do what she was doing. Maia will never forget how her students were immediately able to talk with the animals when shown how. In her very first class, Maia realized that she actually had no special skill or special capacity different than anyone else. She realized that ALL humans could easily carry on two-way conversations with any animal, anywhere on the planet. Maia was living in the Galapagos Islands when she met Emma Clifford.  

She assisted introducing the local residents in preparation for the very first Animal Balance Campaign to the Galapagos. Since that first campaign, Maia has talked with a number of animals who have been served by Animal Balance in the Galapagos Islands and Dominican Republic. What the animals shared about their experiences was truly enlightening and fascinating. They helped to shape the structure of the campaigns and inspired continued campaigns. One of these stories (Mash Unit Dogs) was shared in the book: Dogs Say the Darndest Things: Are You Listening? An Animal Communicator’s Dialogs with Dogs  Maia has written six books including; Dogs Say the Darndest Things, The Cat’s Meow: Chats with Cool Cats, Animal Communicator Adventures: The Journey Begins, Animal Communicator Adventures: The Power of Love, and Animal Communicator Adventures: Coming Home, Chat with a Cat and You’ll Never Look Back Maia is very active in training animal & nature communicators around the world via teleconference calls, and in person in India, Japan, New York and Sedona, Arizona where she resides with her husband Dev Galloway, horse Delight, goat Chanella, pony Reba, and cats, Kato, Simone and Thai.   Animal Communication World Website

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