Nana Iris in her new home, with mum Sarah Darling and one of her new cat siblings.
Iris at the AB clinic in Santa Cruz on the day she was brought in by a good samaritan.
Iris, now called Nana Iris by her new mom Sarah, is settling into her new home in Santa Cruz, Galapagos. If you don't remember Iris' story, she was brought into our clinic on Santa Cruz last month by a good samaritan who had seen her get hit by a car. After being examined by our veterinarians, it was determined that Iris had swelling in both eyes that had caused blindness and was likely quite painful. She also had a mammary tumor, was intact and appeared sore (from arthritis and/or being hit by the car.) Although AB focuses on sterilization procedures during our campaigns, and our doctors have limited capacity to treat more serious medical conditions, our team wasn't willing to give up on Iris. There was something so special about her that made our hearts melt just a little bit. Our doctors agreed to spay her, remove her eyes and mammary mass, and do what they could to alleviate her pain. Over the three days that Iris was in our clinic, cared for by our vets and technicians, she showed marked improvement and the quest began to find her a forever home. Emma reached out to Sarah Darling, a local artist, who has been a friend of Animal Balance since the early days. Sarah has shared with us Nana Iris' new life in her home. "Nana is settling in well at the house I built in Puerto Ayora, the small town on Isla Santa Cruz where I have lived for over 25 years. I share my home with 17 adopted cats and 3 adopted dogs. Nana lives in the house and the dog's garden. She comes for short walks with my 3 dogs. Once her front paw, which was damaged in an unknown accident many months ago, heals she will accompany us on longer walks. I tell my dogs and cats Nana is blind and needs love and care like all of us . I remind them all that they were lost, or homeless, or hungry, or unloved before they arrived at my house. I hug Nana, tell her she has a forever home. I hold her paw and send her positive energy. Maybe she knew no love nor affection until she was rescued by AB. I believe that throughout the threads of life we are all in this together, the more we can help each other and give and be grateful the better. AB are a superb example of working together as a team, giving, sharing and finding heartfelt solutions. I am an artist with a successful art gallery in Puerto Ayora . You can imagine how enormously grateful I am for my eyes.  Sharing my life and home with Nana will remind me to realize how precious life is and be ever grateful for everything . My favourite words which I include in my paintings are... ...' Animals are Little Angels sent to teach us to love .' Thank you for sharing this Sarah! We are so grateful to know that Nana Iris has found such a loving and compassionate home and will live the rest of her days knowing she is loved.

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