News from the Dominican Republic

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My amazing helper, Desiree Medina, is doing great work to help me put up fliers in the villages and talk to the community about why it is important to sterilize your animals. Thank you Desiree, you are helping so many animals and people! We ended our busy day yesterday by visiting the beach dogs at La Boca and finding out who needs to be fixed next week.

Thank you to Nelson’s amazing team at Centro de Internet in Cabrera for making our copies for the clinic and donating so many! prednisone injection buy Nelson (in the middle) is also going to help with registration as he is bi-lingual. Thank you for helping us!

Thank you to Gaisel Coraballo at Agua Lara in Cabrera for kindly donating drinking and instrument cleaning water – 6 huge bottles – to our clinic. Agua Lara is the best! Thank you so much for helping us.